Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hotwheel 1:43 Ferrari F60


HACKEN said...

As I have 2 sets of 1:43 Hotwheels F60, this is the 1st conversions attempt of the 2009 most dissapointment diecast awards. It makes lots of difference of the converted version compared to the original release. Decals sheet are from F'artefice, probably the best option decal I have found so far with rivets decals and some optional and flexible conversion choice which allows you to convert the original release model into Fisichella model and decal liveries options which allows you to choose either convert into China GP version or Japan GP version. The decal sheet of course have lots of sponsors decals of which not all are required to apply on the model itself if you are fussy enough on converted into the correct liveries of a GP versions. My 1st attempt was not done well enough as the silver trim on the front wing are not placed straight enough due to its small scales. However those are not so obvious. The green tyre marks also are quite difficult to place at 1st coz you need to make sure the decal are place on the correct rounded curve of the tyre. When done, the soft tyre marking makes it look better than the original release. I have the 1:18 scale versions and the same decal sheets from F'artefice, hopefully with bigger enough scale, I can do a more better conversions.

danielh said...

wow! nice conversion, it looks better now. The green tyre marking really makes a lot of difference.
Hope to complete mine soon!

nice pictures!

Kin said...

Hi Hacken,

It look really like real F1 car.

"Lucky for you ".